As an adult novice rider, I feel very comfortable with Samantha and look forward to every lesson with her.  Samantha has the heart of a teacher.  She gives me the confidence and push I need to advance my skills beyond that of a beginner.  Samantha is respectful and knowledgeable in her training techniques, but always keeps the lessons fun.  You could say she has a lot of horse sense.  Samantha is able to see what I am capable of achieving, and gives me the confidence and courage to attempt techniques I haven't done before. I highly recommend Samantha as a riding instructor and trainer, and look forward to do more lessons with her.  

-Carmen Eberhardt

I wanted to thank you so much for your work with Sydney.  She does not seem to be worried about anything and is doing well back at home for my family.  I am very pleased not only with how well she is doing under saddle, but with the help you provided while I visited her. Your encouragement and drive to help Syndey and I succeed together has been well appreciated.  You have solid knowledge in training and a very personable way with your lessons.  Thank you! I hope we can send you another horse next summer!  

Christine Krell

DVM candidate 2012 

College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Missouri

Hey Samantha,

Just wanted to thank you again for taking Emily under your wings.  She absolutely adores you- and the horses :) you are making her dreams come true!


We've been very impressed with Samantha and the instruction she provides.  She's been extremely flexible and accomodating with lesson times.  She makes riding fun while providing a safe and professional atmosphere, and she loves sharing her knowledge.  We're amazed at the increase in riding skill, handling, care and general knowlege that our daughter has gained in a relatively short period of time.  Samantha did a great job of assessing Sarah and teaching to her level, ensuring she learns something every week.  The extra miles are worth it, and we recommend Samantha to anyone with an interest in riding lessons!! 

-Chris Dahl

Hey Samantha! Thank you so much with your help selling Amigo.  It really was a smooth transaction.  I look forward to seeing pictures of the new owners of Amigo. 

Thanks again, Amy 

I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate all you have done for me ( and Billy.)  When I first contacted you inquiring about training/lessons, I didn't realize just how big a task I was asking of you.  I was asking you to train a six year old horse, set in her ways, for a owner with very little riding experience.  I appreciate that you started with the very basics and didn't assume anything.  I have learned SOOO much about how to handle horses.  Through all of your training with Bill and the riding lessons I received, I can honestly say I am confident to continue to increase my skills as a rider and horseperson.  You have truly helped me make a lifelong dream come true.  

Many thanks!! Rhonda Krause

To whom it may concern:

I heard of Samantha's business through a mutual friend last summer.  We decided to purchase a package of riding lessons or our seven year old daughter for a birthday gift.  That was last July! We soon realized how much Paige enjoyed the lessons so we started ourselves, and were instantly hooked! We are still going to the riding arena every week for lessons!

Samantha is excellent with her training skills regardless of the individual's age.  She enjoys working with people as well as with the horses.  

She builds a close relationship with all of her consumers.  She is excellent with matching the perfect horse for her students to learn ride.  


Sam is always going the extra mile to help everyone.  It wasn't long after we started lessons we were interested in purchasing a horse of our own. 

She took an entire evening to show us what to look for, and what to avoid when purchasing a horse.  

Samantha knew we trusted her opinion so much; she went with when we purchased our first horse.  Not to mention the fact she hauled the horse back to Granite Falls for us. 

I think it is important for people in the community to know about the opportunities Samantha offers.  So convenient and so close to home.  

What a wonderful activity for families to partake in.  

Thank you Sam we all look forward to Tuesday evenings! 

Ryan, Sue and Paige Gilbertson

Samantha has helped me so much as my horse riding instructor.  When I started my lessons with Samantha I didn't have much experience with handling horses.  But with her help I have been able to achieve many of my goals.  It has not only given me more confidence but also more physical and mental strength.  I look forward to my lessons every week.  

Marie Anderson

Samantha Johnson is, in my opinion, an all around great horsewoman.  She is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the horse field, and professional.  She is friendly and makes learning fun.  

My daughter has taken riding lessons from Samantha weekly for the last year.  She brought my daughter from never riding independently to winning blue ribbons in competition in four months.  She has been able to do so much for us, from training our horse, showing us how to handle and feed our horses, and teaching us about horse tack, just to name a few things.  

Most of all she has been able to help my daughter to gain knowledge and confidence in horsemanship that took my daughter's dream and made it possible. 

Cindy Ellingboe

I met Samantha about 2 years ago, she helped me do some work with one of my horses, since then I have had her help me learn to have more confidence in my riding along with helping me train my colts, Samantha does a great job!! The first thing you learn when you meet Samantha is that you have a new friend, Samantha has a way of teaching that makes you very excited to learn.  She is down to earth and always makes sure you feel comfortable in the task at hand.  She has a great knowledge of horses and is very talented in her training.  She has helped me greatly, and I enjoy working with her.  Janis

Samantha is the horse whisperer, kind and gentle, gets them to do what she wants without too much stress.  She has broke two horses for me and she has tuned up two horses for me.  The horses like what they do and are easy to handle.  -Mark Soine